Is this the first blog ever written by a house?


I bet this is the first time you’ve read a blog written by a house.  And not just any old house – but an Old Millhouse.

I’ve been standing in this particular spot in Midlothian for quite a long time, 220 years actually.  It’s rather nice, with beautiful views all around and lots of lovely people who keep coming to keep me company.

I’ve a long history. I’ll be honest, I was looking my age, but then 12 years ago a nice lady (Sally, whom I call the boss) decided I needed perking up. She has done s-o-o-o-much work and now I feel a million dollars (or should it be pounds?), anyway, I look and feel great!

Talking of looking great, Sally (I know, flattery gets you everywhere), is a wonderful boss.  As well as making sure I’m always looking my best for all the visitors who come to stay here, she also takes time out to do some other really good things.

She has asked me to tell you that next Thursday (23rd May) she’ll be away to Prestonfield House, one of my cousins*. Preston (as I call him), is having LOTS of people over for a special event.  It’s called the Edinburgh Brain Game and it’s run by the rather splendid people at Marie Curie, who do such wonderful work helping humans who have very serious illnesses.

The Brain Game is a fundraising event.  There are some FABULOUS prizes that can be had by taking part in an auction and the good news is that you don’t’ have to attend but you can bid for them online. So, if you fancy a week in a luxury boat on the Mediterranean or an exclusive dinner for 10 people at Coutts Bank in Edinburgh, or a Directors’ box experience at Heart of Midlothian (as a Midlothian girl I feel I should mention that), then you want to visit the Marie Curie website now and start making a bid or two. Click here and see what whets your appetite!

That’s it for now. I’m going to be writing a few more of these things that humans call blogs over the weeks and months ahead – keep in touch and I hope to see you soon.

Kindest regards

The Old Millhouse (she/her if you’re asking!)

* Don’t worry, I’m not feeling neglected! I’ve got some visitors staying over that night anyway, so I’m sure I’ll be in good hands.

PS – if you’d like to alert the Guinness Book of Records, we can find out if I really am the first house to write a blog…


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