The Old Millhouse featured in The Press and Journal

The Old Millhouse was recently reviewed by the Press and Journal and are delighted by the article: “Travel: From industry to decadence – The Old Millhouse is the perfect retreat to truly unwind”.

The reviewer particularly enjoyed walking in the grounds, relaxing in the swim spa, and the food prepared by private chef Liz Pardoe.

Here is an excerpt:

“This is what it feels like to truly relax. To let absolutely everything go and enjoy what was right there in front of me. To allow myself to switch off from the noise, the distractions, the blur of modern living, and just be.

I think the greatest gift we can give ourselves right now is permission to just be present. To not think or worry about the things that have clogged up our every waking moment for the last couple of years. We deserve it.

The only problem I could find with the Old Millhouse is that we weren’t there for anywhere near long enough.”

Read the full article in The Press and Journal


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